The Good idea

Welcome to sabkafood’s blog and a big thank you for your visit!

sabkafood is my catering business to which I devoted myself for 3 years (you might have already tested). Today I have taken on another activity, but sabkafood is still a big part of me.

I have been thinking about it for a long time but I’ve never had the time… Well, I Know you have to find the time, don’t you! Ok then just for you I will take the time to make this sabkafood‘s blog, hoping you will enjoy it.

I will share all the wonders that fills my life, during my travels and through my discoveries…

There are so many things to share. The list is long and varied but to be precised it is for you, the « big 40+ » who lives his life to the fullest, assumes his responsibilities, children, work, money and any other commitment, without forgetting to enjoy life, have fun, to let go in excess but without exaggeration. In a nut shell, who live a well balance life.

Because after 40, we are still young, fun and dapper! Yes we are…

so ready?

– For readings of enchanted journeys, magical places and restaurants where it is so good to stop for amazing bites.

– Fashion tips, beauty and trends from all 5 corners of the world.

– Healthy and fitness advice to be 40 years old forever.

– Tantrum and mood swings; which one does not have any, we can’t for sure exclude them.

So VOUALA (from my African origins, but I will explain another time).

I promise to take the time to share it all, and hope you enjoy reading, sharing and even commenting.

 « Travel is the only thing we can buy that makes us richer » Unknown author




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