How to make your vacation last and stay away from back to work blues?

Why do we travel?

To visit friends and family?

To discover the world by curiosity?

To relax and change scenery?

Or may be to escape reality?

From a sunset on that perfect beach,  or that specific spot “your hide out” under the big oak tree in the middle of the meadow where you laid down your fouta to take a nap and unwind, or that restaurant with an amazing view where the food is to die for and while you enjoy it so badly to get down to that finger leaking moment, you instantly feel all alone after realizing what you’ve just done. These feel good places are surrounding you and me.

Or could it be we just thrive to explore diversity, evade predictability, Shape our life’s identity?

What is it really?

Are we in the look out to perhaps find the place that touches our soul and connect with it, are we?

The fact is, we take a vacation to free ourself in a way and there is never a shortage of perfect place while on vacation that will lead us to where we aspire to be.

Truth is there are only perfect because our hearts can at that perfect moment, identify and mistaken this “feels good moments” as an emotion.

And you usually know you found that place when you are there physically or in your mind and stop thinking about everything else, of course and ideally with a smile showing up on your face… 

So you want to make that moment a glimpse in your life or eternity?

Well if you travel that far or very close either way, why don’t you first take the time to really appreciate it no matter what.

    Capture a few moments where ever you are in the world (smell, sounds, light)
    Replay or reproduce these moments whenever you need to escape ( a fragrance that smells like, of a musique you listen to while there)
    Be grateful for what you live at that specific moment (always be grateful anyway).
    Play, rewind, play, rewind and don’t even think about fast forwarding
  • Well there you have it, that moment or vacation is imprinted FOREVER, and now, you just need to dig it out when it is most NEEDED and to escape once more; REALITY!
  • While Frederick Lenz says ” the abuse of power takes happiness away”

    I say “the abuse of happiness takes all power away helping you free your own way” … Sab Schaf Mab

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